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Undergraduate (Batchelor Class):

General Management 

This class gives an overview of business administration as science. The basic fields of management will be put into context: production and costing, marketing and distribution, finance and accounting, human resources. Particular attention will be focused on both Japanese management style where different from continental European approach and ethics.

Japanese Management 

Japan has a very unique structure of economy. This class is focused on secrets behind the strengths of the Japanese economy such as Kaizen, Lean Production Management, Total Productive Maintenance, and the Toyota Production System.  It will discuss Japans changing management style and its riding on the wave of globalization. The class will close with Japanese approaches to recover from the present financial and economic crises.

International Management

The class gives a brief overview of the economic theory of international trade and then focus in detail on policies of international management of global enterprise:  International Strategic Management, International Marketing Management, International Production Management, International Personnel Management.

Human Resource Management

This class gives an overview on human resources strategies. Based on theoretical background an important focus of the class are practical HR-cases from companies.

International Social Studies 

This course introduces students to social and institutional analysis. The dual perspectives of the class are politics and economics/managerial science.

Seminar: "The Work of Peter Drucker"

The seminar`s approach is a general understanding the way of thinking of one of the most prominent thought-leaders of management, Peter Drucker: “I suddenly realized that Keynes and all the brilliant economic students in the room were interested in the behavior of commodities,” Drucker wrote, “while I was interested in the behavior of people.” - Drucker was many times in Japan and advisor of Toyota and Ito-Yokado, but also of the Japanese government. On a global level, he worked beside his job as professor for many companies but also with various nonprofit organizations to help them become successful, often consulting pro bono.

Graduate (Master Class):

General Management

This class discusses selected topics of management in the context of the golobalization of business. The thoughts focus on  management in the context of Japanese culture based in society.

Human Resouce Management

Selected aspects of Human Resource Management are discussed such as the Japanese Style HR-Management versus "Western" Style HR-Management or the specific labor situation of women in Japanese enterprise.

Graduate (Doctoral Class):

Seminar / Colloquium

This course is focussed on selected challanges of Japanese and Non-Japanese enterprise. A crucial role play Japanese and German management philosophy. The class focuses on the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' and Ethics in Management.