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Research is fascinating and challenging. Management is universal. It touches our life every day in many contexts, even though we are often not aware of it. To understand my approach of thinking and my research topics below - what is my comprehension of management?


Hospitals, Universities, Companies, Governments, NPOs etc., in other words business and non-business, use management. Management makes aware our potentials and shows the way toward better accomplishment. Management has the task of making a better economic life with better products and services. Management can improve social standards. Management can achieve more efficient governments.


Management is a critical ingredient in a nation’s growth. Transferring capital, technology and education is not enough for development; it is management that provides the generation and direction of effective human energies.


My Main Topic of Research:

The 'Fourth Industrial Revolution', or 'Industry 4.0', is a challenge not only for engineering, but rather for management. It is closely related to the 'Internet of Things'.

It covers innovation and new business models, but also ethics, in particular roboethics.

I am working together with Japanese and German companies, the Japan Science Council and academic colleagues from North-East Asia and Europe on these topics (see the topic "projects").


In addtion, with a research grant of the Japanese goverrnment (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) I do research on: "Management Stragegies of Humantarien Support by Enterprise after the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake - Lessons for Future Disasters."