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Published Works (selected listings):

-  Robotic Systems in Healthcare with Particular Reference to Innovation in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – An Ethical Challenge for Management, in: Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies, Tsukuba 2015, in print (in English)

- Peter Druckers Thought on Innovation in the Age of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - With Special Consideration of Ethics and Robotics - (co-editors: POHL, Martin and OHTOMO, Shio (大伴史緒)) in: “Management and Society”, Drucker Workshop (Ed.), Tokyo 2015, in print (in Japanese)

- Is Japan the Kingdom of Robots? “Book-review on the book of Cosima WAGNER”, in: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Natuer- und Voelkerkunde Ostasiens, Tokyo 2015,  p.40-41 (in German) http://www.oag.jp/images/reports/Rez_Wagner-Pohl.pdf

- A Comparison of Websites by Robot Manufacturers in Germany and Japan - The Ethical Relationship Between ‘Robot’ and ‘Human Body’ as a Management Challenge ,in: Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies, Tsukuba 2015, pp. 27-45 (in English)  http://japan.tsukuba.ac.jp/research/JIAJS_Vol7_PRINT_02_Pohl.pdf

- The Future of ther Japanese Labor Market, in: Bundeszentrale fuer Politische Bildung (German Ministry of the Interior): Japan Today. Country Report, Bonn 2014, pp.261-281 (in German)

- Health an Healthcare at the Crossroads of Business and Society (Ed.: The Council on Business and Society), Paris 2014, pp.24-27 (in English)


- March 11, and the Following Months, in: Ostasiatische Gesellschaft OAG (Ed.): Eyewitness Reports, Tokyo 2014, pp.102-110 (in German)

- Partnership in Companies in Germany, in: Economic and Social Development Commission of the Republic of Korea (Ed.): The Development of Economy and Communication within Enterprise in Germany , Seoul 2012, pp.41-64 (in Korean and German)

- German SMEs Role in Social in Social and Economic Development, in: Presidential Council on National Competitiveness of the Republic of Korea (Ed.): Korea-Germany Competitiveness Forum 2012: Learning from each other in Finance and & SMEs Development, Seoul 2012, pp.81-84 (in English)

- Management Strategies of Humanitarian Support by German Enterprise after the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake, in: Cadi Ayyad University (Ed.): Sustainable Society through Advanced Sciences, Marrakesh (Morocco) 2012, p.47 (in English)

- Privacy in the Age of Internet: Boon or Bane? A Balanced Approach with Focus on Business Management and Public Management, in Japan Federation of Bar Associations (Nichibenren) (Ed.): Privacy of Digital Society, Tokyo 2012, pp.8-27 (in Japanese)

 - Career Support by German Universities, in: Association on Labour Research (Ed): Proceeding of the 4th Annual Conference held in Oberlin University Tokyo (64 pages), Tokyo 2011, pp. 1-6 (in English)

- Corporate Strategy in Times of Globalization. The Social Market Economy in Europe and its Implications for Japanese Businesses, (Co-editors: Pohl, Martin; Duerkop, Colin: With contributions by Shigeru Asaba, Gunnar Geyer, Herbert Hemming, Summary of the presentation by Takashi Shimakawa by Martin Pohl, Martin Pohl) Seoul 2011 (84 pages, in English)

 - Social Market Economy in Japan. Labour-, Health and Welfare Policy in Japanese Media 2007- 2009, Tokyo 2011 (338 pages, in German)

- Decentralized Management in the Japanese Long Term Care Insurance, in: Friedrich, Detlev; Gohde, Juergen; Schunke, Philip (Ed.): Pflege 2020. Die Zukunft der Pflege gestalten, Impulse aus dem 7. Contec Forum zur Zukunft der Pflege und Pflegeversicherung, Berlin and Heidelberg 2011, pp.14-25 (in German)

 - Privacy in the Age of Internet: Boon or Bane? A balanced approach with focus on Business Management and Public Management, in Japanese Bar Association (Ed.): Digital Society and Privacy, 53. Annual Conference in Morioka, Collection of Contributions, Tokyo 2010, pp.11-20 (in Japanese)

- Labor Policy in Germany after the Federal Elections,in (without editor): Bulletin of the Japanese-German Association for Labour Law No.11, Tokyo 2010, pp. 15-21 (in Japanese)

 - Cost-Efficient and Future-Orientated: The Japanese Health System, in: German Federal Ministry of Health: Political Information on Health, copy of August 2008, pp. 6-7 (in German)

 - Each society, each Company has to find its Balance between Responsibility and Business Opportunity again and again, in: Kohlbacher, Florian; Herstatt, Cornelius (Ed.): The Silver Market Phenomenon: Business Opportunities and Responsibilities in the Ageing Society, Tokyo 2008, pp.16-17 (in English), p.34 (in Japanese)

 - Co-determination Overlooked, Bauholding-Strabag SE, the First Company in the Legal Form of a "EuropeanCompany", in: Mitbestimmung, copy of July 2005, pp.43-45 (in German)

 - Management Consulting, in: Kost, Klaus (Ed.): Wir retten, was zu retten ist, Marburg 2004, pp. 103-119 (in German)

 - Insolvency as a Credit Risk - In Which Direction is the Construction Industry going?, in: Der Grundstein, copy of November 2003, pp. 28-29 (in German)

 - Can Employee Partnership Make a Breakthrough in Competitiveness of Medium-Size Companies? An Overview on Decision-Participation, in: 53. Annual Conference of the AGP e.V., Stuttgart 2003, Contribution No. 51, pp.1-5 (in German)

 - Outplacement and Job Hunting – New Ways to Safeguard Jobs, in: Outkom Berater Arbeitsgemeinschaft (Ed.): Outplacement – den Wandel gestalten, Hannover 2003, pp.35-48 (in German)

 - Co-Determination in Companies has to be consequently developed, in: Mitbestimmung, copy of June 2003, pp. 342-343 (in German)

 - Developments in Economic Security, in: University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Industrial Relations: Problems and Policies in the Wake of a Global Downturn, Berkeley 2003, pp. E10-E19 (in English)

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 - Rising Capital Cost for Companies, in: Mitbestimmung, copy of September 2001, pp. 60-61(in German)

 - Basel II Capital Accord - When Cost for Business Credit is Increasing, in: Der Grundstein, copy of July/August 2001, pp.19 (in German)

 - Public Commitment of Private Enterprise – Analysis of a Business Management Conception from an Employees Point of View, in: Arbeitsrecht im Betrieb, copy of June 2001, pp.335-337 (in German)

 - The Construction Group Ensle Bau – a Teaching Example for Insolvency, in: Der Grundstein, copy of March 2001, p.13 (in German)

 - Employer-Employee Partnership – an Instrument of Strategic Business Management, in: Rationalisierungskuratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft (RKW) Rationalisierungsgemeinschaft Bauwesen: Moderne Finanzierung und Sicherung in der Deutschen Bauwirtschaft, Paper for the German National Construction Industry Conference, Eschborn 2001, pp.39-55 (in German)

 - Sponsorship of Literature by Private Enterprise in Germany and England, in: Weinstock, Horst (Ed): English and American Studies in German, Tübingen 1997, pp.115-117 (in English)

 - Sponsorship of the Arts in Germany by Taiwanese Enterprise as a Business Management Strategy, in (without editor): Taiwan auf dem Weg zur Internationalisierung, Liberalisierung und Systematisierung, Taipei 1996, pp. 89-92 (in English)

 - Management: Sponsorship of Literature by Private Enterprise in Germany and England, Mannheim 1996 (250 pages, in German)


Co-Editor of the "Korean Journal of Economics and Management":  

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Numerous internal publications for the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry for Families, and the Ministry of Economic Cooperation are not listed (2006-2009)