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Projects being completed since 2010


Since the academic year 2010 I was involved in various projects in Japan, Korea, South-East-Asia and Germany. A selected outline is given below in chronological order.


January 23, 2015: Organizer of the Symposium on Roboethics: Roboethics and "Mind-Body-Schema" of Human and Robot - Challenges for a Better Quality of Life in Tsukuba, Japan: http://japan.tsukuba.ac.jp/2014/12/robo-ethics-and-mind-body-sche.html




December 3, 2014: Moderator of the Symposium "Prospects and Challenges for the Future Generation", Japan Foundation (and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation), Tokyo, Japan.

March 7, 2014: Lecture on "Management Innovation in the Context of Health Care" organized by the "Council of Business and Society", Keio University Business School, Tokyo, Japan.  


From the left to the right: Prof. Yunjie XU, School of Management, Fudan University, China; Dr. Jianwei Xuan, Senior Director, Pfizer Corporation; Martin Burger, Senior Industry Advisor Healthcare, SAP AG; Betsabeh Madani, Cerner Corporation; myself; Prof. Scott Wallace, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College, USA; Prof. Ana Malik, Fundacao Getulio Vargas Sao Paulo Business School, Brazil.


July 27, 2013: Lecture on "SME as a Success-Story in Germany and Japan - Approaches for a Muntual Learning" on invitation of the Japanese-German Association Ishikawa, the Japanese-European Association of Ishikawa and the Chamber of Commerce of Kanazawa in Kanazawa-City.

July 16, 2013: Moderator within the workshop "Challenges for Fiscal and Monetary Policies. Effects on Economies and Societies" in Tokyo. Participants were coming from the German Federal Ministry of Finance, the Institute for International Monetary Affairs in Tokyo, the Asian Development Bank, and Professors from China, Germany, India, Korea, The Phillipines, Thailand.


July 04,2013: Visit of Kowagishi Laboratories in Tsukuba-City with students of my management class.

May 29.2013: Lecture on "Challenges for Japanese Universities: Going Global" during the 'German Day' at the University of Tsukuba. 

April 27, 2013: Lecture on "Corporate Governance in German Enterprise - Independence and Dependence of Decisions Makers" at the Waseda University, Tokyo, on invitation of the Japanese Management Academy (JAM). 

February 15, 2013:
Visit of Intel (Japan) with Students of my management classes at the Intel Plant in Tsukuba City.


November 21,2012: Lecture on "Small and Medium Size Enterprise in Germany" at the National University of Economics in Hanoi, Vietnam.

November 20, 2012: Co-orgasnizing of a Workshop with Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang on "Small and Medium Enterprise in Vietnam and Germany" at the Vietnamese Academy od Social Science, Center for Analysis and Forecast, Hanoi, Vietnam.



Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang, Center for Analysis and Forecast, Vietnam

October 11, 2012: Key Note Speech on "Economic Governance Approach of the SME Sector in Germany - Experience of Six Decades" within the conference: "The SME Sector in the ASEAN Economic Community" in the Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.


October 6, 2012: Conference on "Democracy in Economy in Korea and Germany" in the New Office Building of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Seoul. I was both panelist and commenting Prof. Dr. Arno Heise from the University of Hamburg: "The 'Social Market Economy' in Times of Globalization".


September 22, 2012: Workshop on "Market Economic Challenges in Northeast Asia" in Tokyo. My lecture was focussing on the situation in Japan. Other presentators came from universities and think-tanks form China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Thailand and from the Asian Development Bank Institute.

May 25, 2012:
Speech at the Economic and Social Development Commission of the Republic of Korea in presence of the Korean State Minister Prof. Dr. Jong-Tae Choi.

Right picture from the left: Korean State Minister Prof. Dr. Jong-Tae Choi, Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner, University of Potsdam, Prof. Dr. Kang-Sik Kim, President of the Korean Academy of Economics and Management.


May 24, 2012:Speech at the Korea-Germany Competitiveness Forum 2012 in Seoul about "German Small and Medium Size Enterprises Role in Social and Economic Development" organized by the Korea Presidential Council on National Competitiveness and the Korea Foundation.

Left Picture from the left: Prof. Dr. Kang-Sik Kim, Korean Aerospace University and President of the Korean Academy of Economics and Management, Mr. Oh-Seok Hyun, President of the Korea Development Institute, and Dr. Hye-on Ju, Director Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade.

March 15, 2012: Lecture at the Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh, Morocco, North-Africa, about "Management Strategies of Humanitarien Support after the Earthquake in Tohoku 2011".


November 12, 2011: Invitation by and discussion with the Korean State Minister for Economic and Social Development, Prof. Dr. Jong-Tae Choi.

2nd from right: Korean State Minister Prof. Dr. Jong-Tae Choi, left: Prof. Dr. Kang-Sik Kim, President of the Korean Academy of Economics and Management, 2. from left: Prof. Dr. Dieter Wagner, University of Potsdam.


November 11, 2011: University of Korea, Seoul, comment on the topic: "The World Economy since the Global Financial Crises 2008" by Dr. In Huh of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy.


October 25, 2011: Advising University President Yamada and the administrative office concerning the visit of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Christian Wulff, to the University of Tsukuba - an ongoing process during three months.


October 15, 2011: Key-note speech on the topic: "German Universities and their Career Support", organised by the Japanese Association on Labour Research, at Oberlin University, Tokyo. 


October 02, 2011: Inviting Mr. Rolf Hempelmann, member of German Parliament, to Tsukuba University to discuss renewable energy.

Right picture: Mr. Rolf Hempelmann and Prof. Dr. Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, Dean of the Faculty for Life Science of the University of Tsukuba, explaining about renewable energy.

Left Picture: Gate of the Tsukuba Shrine at the Tsukuba Mountain.

September 21, 2011: Invitation of Mr. Gunnar Geyer, CEO of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, to the University of Tsukuba. Mr. Geyer gave a lecture on "The Limits of Governments: New Stakeholders and Institutions of Globalization. A Decade of Global Economic Governance."


September 03, 2011: Lecture at the Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea about "Introduction in Management Studies".

A sequence of this lecture has been sent by NHK (Japanese Government Television) nationwide in the 19.00 h and 21.00 h news as example for internationalizing Japanese universities. The photo shows the 21.00 h news of NHK.


July 01, 2011: Inviting the Counsellor 1st Class of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Tsukuba, Mr. Martin Eberts, for preparing the visit of German President Wulff to Tsukuba.




May 16, 2011: Inviting the representative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation to Korea and Japan, Dr. Colin Duerkop to the University of Tsukuba - including a meeting with the international department of the University of Tsukuba.



Right picture from the right: Mr. Masaru Adachi, Head of Division International Affairs, Dr. Colin Duerkop, Prof. Dr. Akira Matsumura, Vice-Director of the University Hospital of Tsukuba.


May 13, 2011: Visit of my former boss, German Ambassador to Japan, Dr. Volker Stanzel to Tsukuba University.



In the center of the picture: Ambassador Dr. Volker Stanzel, University President Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro Yamada.



March 22, 2011: Key-note speech for 400 people of Thyssen-Krupp AG (total 177.000 staff, listener to my speech: executive board member for HR and seven members of the supervisory board of the holding) on Japan and its economical and political situation after the triple-disaster.




February 22, 2011: Organizing a conference on "Corporate strategy in times of globalization" with the Kezai Koho Center and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in the Keidanren Tower in Tokyo.




Left picture from the right: Mr. Gunnar Geyer, CEO of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, Mr. Herbert Hemming, Executive Vice President Robert Bosch (Japan), Mr. Takashi Shimakawa, Director, Kawasaki Heavy Industries.



November 19, 2010: Accompanying a delegation of 24 high-ranking bureaucrats from Bavaria to the University of Tsukuba, including four governors of "Regierungsbezirke", comparable to governors of Japanese prefectures, and the Director of the Bavarian Philharmonic Orchestra in Munich (Muenchen).


November 10, 2010: Key-note speech on the 7. Contec-Forum on Long-term care insurance in Berlin (listener to my speech: the speakers of the Christian Democratic Union and the Green Party for long-term-care insurance of German Parliament).


October 7, 2011: Key-note speech on the annual meeting of the Japanese bar association in Morioka on "Privacy in the Internet".


October 1, 2010: Bringing the director of the German Ministry of Health in charge for the long-term care insurance Dr. Matthias von Schwanenfluegel together with the President of the German Senior Citizen Association Dr. Juergen Gohde to Tsukuba. The visit was part of a co-operation project between "Cyberdyne Venture Inc." of the University of Tsukuba and a German institution. It resulted together with other efforts in founding a subsidiary of Cyberdyne Robot Suits by Professor Sankai in Germany.


August 22-27, 2010: Study Trip about Social Market Economy (Ordoliberalism) with Parliamentarian Secretary of State Makiko KIKUTA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and Ms. Mieko NAKABAYASHI, member of Japanese Parliament, to Germany.



Picture on the left: (From right to left: Secretary of State Ms. Makiko Kikuta, Ms. Mieko Nakayabashi), visit in the German Parliament, Berlin.
Picture in the middle: visit in the German Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main.
Picture on the left: expert meeting near Bonn, including representatives of the Ministry of Labour and the Fraunhofer Research Institute.
Places were among others the German Parliament and the Ministry of Economy in Berlin, the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg and the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, and the Federal Cartel Office, Bonn



19. May, 2010: Opening ceremony of the Tsukuba University Europe Office in Bonn, Germany. The ceremony was divided in a reception and a workshop

Picture in the middle: (from right to left: Tsukuba University President Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro Yamada, Vice-President Prof. Dr. Kazuko Shiojiri, Director Prof. Dr. Makoto Arai).

Picture on the left: reception, attendees included Dr. Michael Stuckrath (Deputy Minister‚ Ministry for Innovation‚ Science‚ Research and Technology of the State of Northrhine-Westphalia)‚ Dr. Christian Bode (President‚ Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)‚ Prof. Juergen Fohrmann (President‚ University of Bonn)‚ Dr. H.U. Toyka (Director‚ East Asia and Pacific Region‚ Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)‚ Mr. Naoki Himiya (Director‚ Office for International Planning‚ Higher Education Bureau‚ MEXT)‚ Mr. Tomonori Nishii (Counsellor‚ Embassy of Japan in Germany)‚ and Mr. Takashi Yamaguchi (First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Germany).

Picture on the right: workshop, keynote lectures were given by Prof. Yoshiyuki Sankai (Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering) and Prof. Wolfgang Maier (Director‚ Hospital University of Bonn).