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07. Mar., 2014 

Lecture on "Management Innovation in the Context of Health Care", Council on Business and Society , Keio University Business Management School, Tokyo, Japan.

29. May., 2013

Lecture on "Challanges for Japanese Universities: Going Global", 'German Day' of the University of Tsukuba, Japan.

27.Apr., 2013

Corporate Governance in German Enterprise - Independence and Dependence of Decision Makers, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

21. Nov., 2012


Lecture on "Small and Medium Enterprise in Germany", National University of Economics, Hanoi, Vietnam.

20. Nov., 2012 

Co-organizing of a workshop on "Small and Medium Size Enterprise in Vietnam and Germany" and presenting a paper on "SME in Germany", Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, Center for Analysis and Forecast, Hanoi, Vietnam.

11. Oct., 2012


Key-note lecture on "Economic Governance Approach for the SME-Sector in Germany - Looking at Six Decades of Experience", Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

06. Oct., 2012

Commentator of the lecture:"Social Market Economy in Times of Globalization" by Professor Arno Heise, University of Hamburg, New Office Building of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea.

21. Sep., 2012

Lecture on: "Market Economic Challenges in Japan", Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Tokyo, Japan

25. May, 2012

Key note speech: “Partnership in Companies in Germany”, Economic and Social Development Commission of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea.

Listener to my lecture: Korean State Minister for Economic and Social Development, Prof. Dr. Jong-Tae Choi.

24. May, 2012

Speech: “German SMEs Role in Social in Social and Economic Development”, Presidential Council on National Competitiveness of the Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea.

15. Mar., 2012

Lecture: “Management Strategies of Humanitarian Support by German Enterprise after the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake”, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco.

11. Nov., 2011

Commentator of the lecture: "The World Economy since the Global Financial Crises 2008" by Dr. In Huh of the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, University of Korea, Seoul, Korea.

15. Oct., 2011

Lecture: "German Universities and their Career Support", organized by the Japanese Association on Labor Research, Oberlin University, Tokyo, Japan.

03. Sep., 2011

Lecture: “Introduction to Management Studies”, Kyunghee University, Seoul, Korea.

A sequence of this lecture has been sent by NHK (Japanese Government Television) nationwide in the 19.00 h and 21.00 h news as example for internationalizing Japanese universities.

22. Mar., 2011

Keynote speech: “Japan in a Period of Transition – A First Look Ahead”, Headquarter of Thyssen-Krupp AG, Essen, Germany.

Listener to my speech: The executive board member for human resources(177.000 staff) and seven members of the supervisory board.

22. Feb., 2011

Speech: “Culture as a Success Factor: Contributions of German and Japanese Enterprises to Economic Globalization”, Keidanren Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan.

27. Nov., 2010

Speech: “The Global-30-Program of the University of Tsukuba”. Cultural Center of the Embassy of Japan to Korea, Seoul, Korea

10. Nov., 2010

Key note speech: “Decentralized Management of the Japanese Long-Term-Care Insurance”, Catholic Academy, Berlin, Germany. Listener to my speech: the speakers of the Christian Democratic Union and the Green Party of German Parliament in charge for for the long-term-care insurance.

11. Oct., 2010

Key note speech: “The Social Insurance of Handicapped People in Germany”, Kamagaya-Hospital,Chiba, Japan.

07. Oct., 2010

Keynote speech: "Privacy in the Internet". Annual meeting of the Japanese Bar Association, Morioka, Japan.

23. Aug., 2010

Lecture: “Social Market Economy – A German Strategy for a Balanced Economy”, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, Bonn, Germany.

Listener to my speech: Parliamentarian Secretary of State Makiko Kikuta, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and Ms. Mieko Nakabayashi, member of Japanese Parliament.

29. Nov., 2009

Lecture: “The Alumni-Portal of the DAAD”, on request of the German National Academic Exchange Service, DAAD Tokyo, Japan.

28. Nov., 2009

Lecture: “Labor Policy in Germany after the Federal Elections”, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan.

21. Nov., 2009

Key note speech: “Aspects of German Labor- and Health Policy”, Japanese-German Association of Nagano, Japan.

21. Sep., 2009

Lecture: “Should Handicapped People Work – Modern Approaches of Developing Self-Confidence for People with Physical and Mental Limitations”, University of Utsunomiya, Japan.

24. May, 2009

Key note speech: “Industrial Relations in Germany”, Japanese-German Association of Nagaoka, Japan.

11. Mar., 2009

Lecture: “The European Joint-stock Corporation”, Economic Development Agency of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Tokyo, Japan.

22. Feb., 2008

Lecture: “Dual System of Vocational Training in Germany”, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

14. Nov., 2008

Lecture: “The Immigration Policy of Germany”, on request of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), University of Kyoto, Japan.

09. Sep., 2008

Lecture on “Classification Criteria for Defining the Degree of Disability by Public Medical Officers in Germany”, Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities (JEED), Makuhari, Japan.

12. Mar., 2008

Lecture: “Work-Life-Balance in Germany”, in ‘Hello Work’ main building in Niigata on request of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), Niigata, Japan.

17. Jan., 2008

Moderation: “The 12. EU-Japan Symposium: The Diversification of Forms of Work and Employment”, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), Tokyo, Japan.

During a part of my moderation the Japanese Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare, Yoichi Masuzoe, and the EU-Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, Vladimir Spidla, were present.

07. Dec., 2007

Lecture: “Germany and its Foreign Culture Policy”, Japanese-German Association of Niigata, Japan.

23. May, 2007

Lecture: “Germany and its role in the European Union”, Chuo University High-School, on request of the Delegation of the European Commission to Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

10. Oct., 2006 

Introduction Speech to a Symposium "German Social History",  Aichi University, Toyohashi Campus, Japan.

25. Aug., 2005

Lecture: “Control and Transparency as Condition for Modern Corporate Governance”, Japanese-German Association of Toyohashi, Japan.

28. Apr., 2005

Key note speech: “The Procedure for Establishing a European Joint-stock Corporation form the Employees Point of View” , Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro, (CGIL), Rome, Italy.

09. Mar., 2005

Key note speech: “Establishing a European Joint-stock Corporation – First Experiences in the Legal and Management Consulting Process”, European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, Brussels, Belgium.

15. Feb., 2005

Key note speech: “Strabag-Bauholding SE: Impacts of the Conversion from an Austrian Joint-stock Corporation to an European Joint-stock Corporation”, Headquarter of Strabag AG, Cologne, Germany.

12. Oct., 2004

Lecture: “Impact of the German ‘Act for Control and Transparency in the Corporate Sector(KonTraG) and the American ‘Sarbanes Oxley Act’ for Members of Supervisory Boards of German Joint-stock Corporations, German National Construction Union, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

22. Jun., 2004

Key note speech: “Risk Management as Part of a Modern Corporate Governance in Germany”, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

16. Mar., 2004

Lecture: “How can European Works Councils improve their strategy in the interest of employees and employer?”, requested by the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers, Nice, France.

16. Sep., 2003

Speech:Can Employee Partnership Make a Breakthrough in Competitiveness of Medium-Size Companies? An Overview on Decision-Participation”, Association of the Industry of the State Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, Germany.

09. May, 2003

Key note speech:Outplacement and Job Hunting – New Ways to Safeguard Jobs, German National Chemical Trade Union, Hannover, Germany.

16. Sep., 2002

Lecture: “The Legal Implementation of ‘International Accounting Standards’ (IAS) and its Implementations on the German Construction Joint-stock Corporations”, German National Construction Union, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

30. May, 2002

Lecture:Developments in Economic Security, Political Representation Office of the German National Chemical Trade Union to the German Government in Cooperation with the University of Berkeley - California, Berlin, Germany.

07. Mar., 2002

Public presentation: “The Basel II Agreement by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and its Impact on Small and Medium Construction Enterprise in Germany” to the Financial Committee of German Parliament, Berlin, Germany.

17. Sep., 2001

Lecture: “Co-determination in Joint-stock Companies”, German National Construction Union, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

24. Sep., 2000

Key note speech: Employer-Employee Partnership – an Instrument of Strategic Business Management, Board of Trustees for Rationalization of the German Economy (RKW), Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

23. Mar.,1996

Speech: Sponsorship of the Arts in Germany by Taiwanese Enterprise as a Business Management Strategy, Economic Representative Office of the Taiwanese Government to Germany, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.