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Professor Dr. Martin POHL



02/2010 present    University of Tsukuba:Associate Professor of Management


02/2006 - 01/2010    German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Embassy in Tokyo:Counsellor (Labour and Health Affairs, Press Affairs)


04/2003 - 07/2006    Lafarge-Roofing GmbH: Member: Supervisory-Board (12,100 employees,operations in38 countries including the US and Japan)


09/1999 - 01/2006    German National Trade Union for Building and the Environment, (800 employees and 500.000 members) National Board: Expert for BusinessManagement


09/1999 - 03/2000    University of Applied Sciences of Esslingen(Government University): Assistant Professor for Management


11/1996 - 08/1999    Deutsche Eisenbahn-Consulting GmbH, a Joint Venture of Deutsche Bahn AG (German National Railways) and Deutsche Bank AG operating in 80 countries with 1,100 employees, Frankfurt: Consultant with and Controller of the Business Unit “Management Consulting”


10/1990 - 05/1992    BSV Consulting GmbH, Chemnitz, former East-Germany: Trainer in Marketing and inPersonnel Management within the transfer-processfrom a state-planned economy into a market economy



02/1990 - 05/1996      University of Mannheim (Germany): Doctoral Thesis in Management


01/1991 - 06/1991      University Michel de Montaigne - Bordeaux III (France): Postgraduate Management Studies


05/1984 - 09/1989      University of Mannheim (West-Germany): Degree in Business Administration, Major  in Marketing and Industrial Management

INTERNSHIPS           Bayer (Canada) Inc. (Montreal 1983/84) and Sparkasse Reutlingen (Savings Bank, 1985): Trainee in Management

SCHOLARSHIP         Postgraduate Scholarship of the German National Government  (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst)

LANGUAGES             German (native) English, French (fluent), Japanese (operational level, speaking, listening)


05/2010 06/2011      Nippon Carl Duisberg Foundation, Tokyo: Board Member

07/2004 01/2006      German Ministry of Construction: Member: Steering Committee “Task Force Public Private Partnership (PPP)” with focus on finance 


Profile since 2010 as  Professor see in the sections of this Web-Presentation: "Projects", "Lectures Invited", "Publications", "Teaching"," Research"



Profile before 2010 as Management Consultant and Diplomat please read here: 




      Academic Work (selected activities listed here)

·         Arranging the visits of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany and six months before of the German Ambassador to the University of Tsukuba

·         Organizing the opening-ceremony of Tsukuba University Europe Office including the Deputy Minister‚ Ministry for Innovation‚ Science‚ Research and Technology of the State of Northrhine-Westphalia and the President of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

·         Inviting Parliamentarian Secretary of State Makiko Kikuta, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ms. Mieko Nakabayashi, member of Japanese Parliament, to Germany (one week) for a study trip about Social Market Economy

·                 ·        Speech at the Economic and Social Development Commission of the Republic of Korea in presence of the Korean Minister Prof. Dr. Jong-Tae Choi

·                  ·      Organizing a conference on "Corporate strategy in times of globalization" with the Kezai Koho Center and Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation  in Tokyo

·       Many key note speeches and lectures in Japan, Korea and other countries


·        Arranging an economic cooperation between Cyberdyne Robot Suits, a company of Tsukuba University Venture Capital, and a German institution using my connections to the German Ministry of Health and the State Government of Northrhine-Westphalia

Embassy Diplomatic Work (selected activities listed here)

 ·       Invitation and welcoming of her Majesty, Emperess Michiko, to my exhibition "Bethel - Retreat to People who Nobody Wants to Have" in the Embassy


Preparation/Managementof German state representativesnumerous visits;including Federal Ministers and Federal Secretaries of State

·       Set up of public relations regarding the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (health related), the Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry (labour related) and the Ministry Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology (professional education related)

·       Set up of public relations regarding parliamentarians and social partners (Nippon Keidanren and Rengo)

·       Negotiator for Germany in the G-8 Health Conferences in Tokyo for preparing the Toyako G-8-Summit

·       Member of the German delegation in the G-8 Labour Ministers Meeting in Niigata

·       Moderation of government conferences on German-Japanese and EU-Japanese labour related subjects

·       Preparation/Management ofan exhibition on German social security history in five Japanese cities; including media coverage such as NHK-TV(National Broadcasting Network)

·       Reporting on labour and health related subjects viamonthly newsletters in German and Japanese to the related ministries, private enterprise and the public

·       Daily analysis of Japanese media as press officer of the German Embassy in Tokyo

·       Organization/Moderationof numerous press conferences for German state representatives including Federal Ministers and Secretaries of State


Business Management Consulting – from the Employer/Management Side(selected activities listed here)


·       Marketing research for the DSI (DYWIDAG AG-Group) analysing the world-market of railway concrete-sleepers

·       Consultation regarding the business unit „Regional Rail Traffic“ of the Deutsche Bahn AG focusing on customer research rethe interior design of a passenger railway car

·       Consulting of both the management and the employees council of the “Cooperative House Building Company GWH GmbH“ after being bought by the State Bank of Hesse (for 500 million Euro) from the State Government of Hesse with the goal being split up into several companies for strategically reducing local taxes

·       Consultation regardingthe business unit “Railway Stations“ of the Deutsche Bahn AG concerning the return on investment of railway stations

·       Numerous consultations onthe management of numerous small and medium-sized companies before and during a restructuring process


Business Management Consulting – from the Employee/Worker Side (selected events listed here)


·       Employees council of the Peininger GmbH and the Röro GmbH during the merger of the two companies (5.000 employees) and the simultaneous integration of the new company into the Thyssen-Krupp AG

·       Employees council of DYWIDAG AG (12.000 employees) concerning a company restructuring including the negotiation of a social contributions plans for redundancies of 3.000 employees worldwide

·       Employees council of the Ensle Construction Group for turning the company into insolvency (volume of the economic damage: 50 million Euro), member of the creditorscommittee

·       Non-executive members of the supervisory board of the Süba GmbH during a restructuring (1.700 employees)

·       Non-executive members of the board of the Züblin AG (10.000 employees) concerning a 25 %-parcel of shares of the DYWIDAG AG during the merger of DYWIDAG AG and Walter Bau AG (22.000 employees)

·       Non-executive members of the board of Strabag-Bauholding AG, Austria, during the transfer of the company from the legal form of a Austrian Stock Corporation into a European Company (SE).



Collective Agreements Concerning the Restructuring of Enterprises (selected events listed here)


·       Negotiations of the management-part of the restructuring collective agreement of the Ph. Holzmann AG (23.000 employees), volume for the employees 110 million Euro, total restructure cost 2,5 billion Euro, negotiation partner: member of the executive board of Deutsche Bank AG

·       Consulting of the German Union for Education concerning its strategy for collective bargaining of the „Goethe-Institute“ (German International Cultural Centres) considering a restructure plan for the 14 national branches and the head-office



Activities in German and European Politics (selected posts/activities listed here)


·       German Ministry for Construction: Member of the Public Private Partnership (PPP)-Commission promoting construction and maintaining of highways and public buildings by private enterprise (till 06)

·       German National Parliament: Reporting to Members of Parliament on the subject of Basel II Capital Accord as representative of the national confederation of the German trade unions

·       Lobbying in numerous fields of business administration within state ministries and the federal government, the German National Bank, trade unions and employers’ associations

·       Consulting of the board of the German national trade union for building on questions of co-determination, German and European business strategies of private enterprise, in construction taxation, subsidies, finance politics such as private public partnership (PPP)


Public Interviews (selected events listed here)


·       Interviews with several Japanese TV-stations including NHK in the context of the G-8 Labour Minister Summit in Niigata

·       Interviews by Japanese radio-stations in numerous conferences on Germanythroughout Japan, organized by prefectural governments or Japanese-German associations

·       State Radio of Hesse: life-discussion with the president of the Association of German Investment Companies on capital funds

·       State Radio of Western Germany: Interview concerning the subject: “One year after the announcement of insolvency of the Holzmann AG“